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Jacie & her handsome boys: Brayden and Maddex


I stayed with Jacie and her boys for a week this summer while I was in England. I had an awesome time her boys are adorable! We took these pictures at Bury St. Edmunds which is pretty much just the ruins of a town that was destroyed by it’s own people in 1327! I need to post more pictures this place was so cool.


Halloween fun!


Elise as the awesome Rock and Roll Witch, Madelyn as a cute pink fluffy kitty and Alex as the most adorable blue monster I've ever seen

Fall time + Hiking + Photography = Happy Claire


I love hiking but I didn’t go  once this summer so I decided I had to get at least one hike in before cold winter comes. So on Monday Allie, Andy and myself headed up Logan Canyon to hike the Crimson trail(which is not 1.5 miles in case you were wondering..) 3 people, 2 jackets & 1 flash light = one very interesting and adventurous night hike. It got dark about half way down the mountain luckily Andy had a flash light and since  he was the man of the group we elected him leader. He lead us safely out of the wilderness don’t worry! Click on an image to view it larger, this blog gets angry if I try to make them bigger…  enjoy:)

London Love! Love London!


I’ve been putting off blogging these photos because I had sooo many to go through. So here’s a bunch thrown together in a slide show. I’m going to attempt to blog about them better at a later date. It wouldn’t even let me at captions for the slideshow. So I’ll be working on it and I’ll be sure to let you know when the final blog is ready {via fb of course:)}

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