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Bryce Canyon



Fall time + Hiking + Photography = Happy Claire


I love hiking but I didn’t go  once this summer so I decided I had to get at least one hike in before cold winter comes. So on Monday Allie, Andy and myself headed up Logan Canyon to hike the Crimson trail(which is not 1.5 miles in case you were wondering..) 3 people, 2 jackets & 1 flash light = one very interesting and adventurous night hike. It got dark about half way down the mountain luckily Andy had a flash light and since  he was the man of the group we elected him leader. He lead us safely out of the wilderness don’t worry! Click on an image to view it larger, this blog gets angry if I try to make them bigger…  enjoy:)

Up with the sun


There are moments in my life that I think I will remember forever. This is one of them.
In case you were wondering: the sun rises at 6:25 and it’s amazing.  

this was sunrise number 1

Group shot by Skyler

Climbing to the top of the mountain

It was amazing

I think I took this one but it may have been Skyler..


Aren't they cute?

Another one by Skyler

This metal rod that was at one point standing upright is now bent down to the ground